In Bodies


Amy León

Helen Hazelwood

Mia Matthias

Parissah Lin

P Small (sound by Alex Daud)

Sally Decker and Ellen Askonas


Bedford + Bowery


Press Release

Haunted Matter is a new performance series that explores the ways in which we carry ghosts within our creative lives. Haunted Matter wishes to flesh out specters not only physical or personal, but also abstract or systemic. The series begins with “Volume One: In Bodies,” a night showcasing both seasoned performance artists and those experimenting with the medium. “In Bodies,” gathers artists to share and move with ghosts that haunt their bodies, physically or psychically, as projections not only of history, ideology, and violence, but also desire, dialogue, and compassion.

How can the forces that shape and haunt the body do so towards some sense of justice, some otherwise or hope? What can a ghost be(come)— to, in, and with us? Haunted Matter begins its unearthing of haunted spaces by limiting its scope to the artist’s body and the spectres that wander with us.